Dragonboat Races

  • 9am to 4pm, May 17, 2021
  • West Bank Park
  • 181 S. Washington Blvd. Columbus, OH 43215

An Introduction to Dragon Boat Racing

  • A dragon boat is a twenty foot canoe with a decorative dragonhead on the front and a tail on the back. A drummer sits facing the paddlers and directs them with the beat of the drum. A steersman stands in the rear and guides the boat with a long, wooden oar. The paddlers sit two by two on ten benches. These individuals paddle the stroke in unison to fly the dragon across the water. It is this synchronicity that is the key to racing. Dragon boat racing is as amazing to be a part of as it is to watch.
  • Dragon boat racing is a sport for all. This fact is not true in many other sports. It is the teamwork, the synchronicity that moves the boat. Muscle is good, but not nearly as good as paddling together with the correct technique. It is not uncommon to watch seemingly "weaker" teams win races. It is about paddling as one and having "heart".
  • Dragon boating is a sprint sport. Races are typically 500m. We will be racing 300m races at the Dragon Boat Race Event. You will explode off of the start line and power through the finish. The race will last about two minutes. "That's all?", you may say, but trust me, sometimes that is a very long two minutes. Besides that, you'll have a few chances to race.

Who are the 2019 champions?

  • 1st: Honda I (HAM)
  • 2nd: Honda II (R&D)
  • 3rd: CAS I
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