Koguryo Martial Arts Academy - Black Tigers Demo. Team

Koguryo Martial Arts has been teaching students in Westerville for 15 years, and opened a 2nd location in Sunbury in 2011.

Our Black Tigers Demo Team has been performing for the last five years all over Columbus.

We train in Koguryo Tang Soo Do, Kum Moo Kwon Hap Ki Do, Soo Ho Ji Moo, and kickboxing.

Hap Ki Do and Tang Soo Do are 20th-century Korean systems of self-defense that combine with ancient Soo Ho Ji Moo to form our unique martial systems.

In traditional martial arts programs at KMA, practitioners grow to handle life challenges with the same skills needed to succeed in martial arts.

In our ilovekickboxing.com "Fitness Kickboxing" program, we offer the best workout in Columbus for those interested in toning up, slimming down, and blasting fat!

Our style is open, progressive and inclusive of all elements of martial arts.

We teach weapons, internal energy development, hard style striking, joint locks and throws, and fighting skill, as well as general health and wellness improvement.

Martial arts and its benefits should be accessible to anyone who is interested in training.

We offer a wide variety of programs, all underpinned with an emphasis on service and high quality of instruction, to meet the diverse needs and interests of those who are seeking martial arts.

Practitioners come to us for anything from a search for authentic martial arts instruction that is challenging and rewarding to just a fun way to get in shape.

We have a traditional program, focusing on respect and martial skill development, as well as the ilovekickboxiong.com program that is geared towards a fun, high-energy fitness program.

KMA offers instruction for students ages 4 and up.

Our classes are divided by age and by skill level to ensure that each student is taught in an environment that is best suited for their learning ability and style.

Introductory programs are available for new students of all ages.


Head instructor Jared Circle holds 5th Dan in Tang Soo Do, 4th Dan in Hap Ki Do, and 3rd Dan in Soo Ho Ji Moo.

He is also a Licensed instructor for ilovekickboxing.com, the fastest growing martial arts program in the world.