Jenny's Children Dance Group (China)

Group Members: Emily Ying; Jerry Liu; Shirley Wang; Emma Liu; Elina Song; Kylie Gimbel; Alron Zhang; Jake He; Jolie Zhang; Kelly Li; Kelly Jia; Silly Li; Grace Zheng; Winston Jiang; Judy Wu; Stephanie Baumgardt; Amy Wu; Jessica Miao; Hedy Wu; Rona L Zhong; Cristal Ray; Lainey Zhang; Jessica Z Zhao; Rachel Tong; Wendy Jiang; Ablgail Pyon; Vivian Chen; Zihna Zeng; Angela Harwitch; Emily Feng; Zyhni Zeng; Amie Wang; Esther Lam; Nancy Li; Ellie Liu; Lexi Cheng; Jodi Tian; Leah Griffiths; Alison Feng; Meadow Tian; Annie Zhong; Audrey Tartaglia.

Performance description: Our little dancer's ages are from 2-12years old. Some of them were adopted from china. Their parents like them to connect with their origin culture. Hope more and more people know beautiful Chinese dance and like it. Jenny?s Children Dance Group has different kid?s dance levels. We teach Chinese folk dance, ballet, tap dance and gymnastics. Our main dance is Chinese folk dance. We would like to introduce the beautiful Chinese folk dances to more and more people and hope they all love it.