USA Shaolin Huiguang Martial Arts Institute - Taiji

The Shaolin Huiguang Institute has a direct lineage to traditional and authentic Shaolin Kung Fu through Grandmaster Zhu Tian Xi. He lived and trained at the Shaolin Temple prior to the changes brought about in Kung Fu by the Cultural Revolution in China.

We teach the original and authentic Shaolin Kung Fu forms from the Shaolin Temple in Henan province, China, and Yang style Tai Chi Quan.

Sifu Jermery Wheeler (kungfu) and Sifu Jack Anderson (taiji) have studied Chinese Martial Arts for over 15 years with head instructor Sifu Jef Naayers.

He has studied and tested with several renowned masters in the USA and China, including Grandmaster Chan Pui and Master Zhang Shijai.

We teach men and women of all ages over 4.

We teach external (Kung Fu) handforms, sparring (sanda), and weapons forms, as well as Internal (Tai Chi) hand and weapons forms.