Xcel Martial Arts

Xcel Martial Arts is The Way to a Better You!

Masters Larry and Deb Confer teach traditional martial arts to children and adults. No experience is necessary to begin and all fitness levels are accepted.

With traditional martial arts training you learn self-defense while gaining self-confidence and achieving better health.

Xcel teaches Traditional Martial Arts through Taekwondo with a mix of Karate, Muay Ti and Hapkido for well-rounded self-defense training. Sport Taekwondo is offered for those who are interested. Our classes are active and educational. At Xcel the students really learn about the art, about life and how to get the most out of it.

Training can start as young as age 2, but you can start at any age, even if you are over 60.

Young students learn to follow directions and build coordination and balance.

All classes focus on discipline and respect. As the students mature and build confidence they learn self-defense through basic martial arts techniques and patterns.

The longer a student trains the more interesting and more difficult the training becomes.

Adult students, as well as the young, find the benefits of fitness and health that comes with martial arts training.

Training is also offered for those with Special Needs such as Cerebral Palsy.

We find many reasons why people come to us for training.

Many bring their children in to learn discipline and self-control and to gain self-confidence.

Adults come for fitness and health and just because they always wanted to learn martial arts.

All come to learn self-defense.

Students and families stay with Xcel because of the caring instructors and all become part of an extended family.

We believe every student learns at his or her own rate. We do not push them ahead or hold them back.

Students will test for their next belt when he/she is ready.

We also believe a student will only achieve what you expect them to. In other words, if you don't expect much, you won't get much.

We expect all students to try their very best and to give 100% and our students always strive to meet our expectations.

At Xcel we focus on the whole martial art which includes developing mind and body to its full potential.

Masters Larry and Deb Confer each have over 15 years teaching experience with children and adults.

Master Deb Confer is also a Certified Personal Trainer. She teaches the Fitness Boot Camp and the Special Needs classes.

Master Larry Confer, a Navy Veteran, was the Regional and District Director for the Amateur Athletic Union for Taekwondo for 9 years.

With a long, happy marriage of almost 24 years they truly bring the family atmosphere into their school. Their daughter, Briana, is also a Master Instructor and now their grandson is taking classes.