Kuk SuI Do Martial Arts Academy

Kuk Sul Do is a traditional art that focuses on the science of a physical encounter. Using fluid circular motions to divert an opponent's force, it nonetheless can strike with deadly blow when necessary - combining both hard and internal approaches.

Kuk Sul Do Martial Arts Academy was founded in 2010 by Edwin Kim.

It is part of the Kuk Sul Do Federation founded by Grandmaster Yang in 1978, and one of three Federation schools in Ohio.

Kuk Sul Do Martial Arts Academy training covers both empty hand and weapons techniques.

Flexibility training, speed, power, and pressure point striking, acrobatic kicking, falling techniques, and throws and take downs all combine to form a comprehensive, traditional self-defense system.

The philosophy of Kuk Sul Do is turning the aggressor's momentum to your advantage for a quick submission, breaking their will to harm you. With numerous time-tested techniques, Kuk Sul Do gives you the ability to defend yourself against any attacker.

Kuk Sul Do can bring self-discipline, and respect for others while improving the health of each student's whole being.