Clave Sonic - Latin and World Music

Group Members: Dean Marcellana: leader/keyboards, Nathan Parker: drums and percussion, Bradley Mellen: electric cello and bass, Danielle Angelica Lee: lead vocalist, Jason Branscum: trombone and auxilliary keyboards

Group/Performance Description: CLAVE SONIC is a central Ohio based music group that strives for musical diversity. The group's musical focus is geared towards the synthesis and fusion of jazz improvisation/Latin Jazz/world music idioms, groove and hip-hop. CLAVE SONIC has appeared at the Columbus Jazz and Ribs Festival, the Columbus Arts Festival, the Creekside Jazz and Blues Festival, the Easton Sounds on the Town Concert Series and COMFEST. The group brings forth an amazing collection of original compositions that borrow from the wide pallette of musical traditions and styles. They are a joy to listen to and inject an infectious sense of groove and lively musical storytelling to their audiences.