Yakshagana - Folk Ballet

Yakshagana performance traditionally begins at the twilight hours and goes on all night. The actors wear resplendent costumers, headdresses, and face paints while enacting various roles. The performance rests on footwork, body movements, and other gestures. Yakshagana movements consist of squatting jumping, and other quick body movements. Battles scenes are intense and swift in tempo. Characters range from simple makeup and clothing to unusual costume, heavy armlet and anklets, large head pieces, and intricate face paint designs depicting demons. A performance usually depicts a story from Indian epic poems and the Puranas. All the components of Yakshagana, music, dance, and dialog are customarily improvised

1,Dr Rajendra Kedlaya

2.Vidya Betagere

3. Veena Mane

4. Ramya

5. Roopa Rajendra

6. Madhumita Rajendra