"Towards the Future" Symphonic Chinese Chorus

Key Members: Diantao Sun (Manager); David Zhang (Music Director); Lihui Zhang, (Mezzo Soprano, Vocal Art Director); Ding Gao (Bass-Baritone); Mei Zhong (Soprano); Ling Xiao (Coloratura Soprano)

Performance Description: Recalling the history of Chinese immigrants in North America, the painful experience of the construction of railways and feats they have established, deeply shaken the soul of our future generations! Today, we see the new Chinese immigrants in the New World on hard, continue to make brilliant achievements in the East-West cultural exchanges, and played a huge role. , Based on reality, look to the future, promote the Chinese culture, promote East-West relations, for world peace forever, not only the virtues of Chinese immigrants, but also the common aspiration of all Chinese. Yes ,we are Chinese , but we are also Chinese American and we are even more a members of the world. We can change the world to green community.