Kim Eung Hwa Dance Company

Performance Members: Carol Kim, Amy Lee, Mijin Kim, Alycia Chung, Chloe Shin, Chelsea Cho, Chloe Cho, Noemi Hong, Eunice Kang,

Performance Description: There are three different performances: Fan dance, Arirang, and Janggo Drum Dance.

Fan Dance: The Fan Dance is loved for the dancers poised movements and fluttering fans. The dance is performed by dancers wearing ?hanbok? and carrying ornate, feathered fans in both hands. The fans come together to create waves, flowers and other forms for a fantastic display.

Arirang: Arirang is the best-known Korean folk song in both North and South Korea. The lyrics of the slow version of the song express the grief and the sorrow of the Korean people as it is. It is a song sung by a woman who is waiting for her love to come back. However, the fast version of the song focuses on the happiness that she gets when the worries and the anxieties are forgotten and in the past.

Janggo Drum Dance: This hour-glass shaped drum is the most versatile instrument in Korean dance and music. In this dance, the drum is strapped to the body and the dancers move gracefully while playing the drum. This composition expresses some of the diversified and changeable rythm in harmony.