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Chief Master Mitch Ellis

Chief Master Mitch Ellis, 7th Degree Black Belt will attempt to set a World Record for breaking 100 boards in under 9 seconds.

Master Ellis currently holds two World Records for board breaking: 100 boards in 9.7 seconds and 3362 boards in 1 hour.

Additionally the Staff and Students of Dragon E's will be performing Demonstrations highlighting their techniques in Taekwondo as well showing discipline, courtesy, respect and leadership which are key to their Martial Arts training.

Demonstration participants: Chief Master Mitch Ellis, Master Michael Sonstein, Senior Instructor Mary Mcnitt, Instructor Maria Casey, Instructor Robert Mcnitt, Bob Mcnitt, Tony Roussos, Alaina Roussos, Russell Cotter, Gillian Yeager, Hayden Yeager, Teresa Casey, Joseph Casey, Ryan Denijs, Julia Denijs, Sky Sie, Colin Mcann, Lauren Mcann, Ryan Phillips, Madison Palmer, Nicholas Palmer, Brandon Allbritton, Liam Allbritton, Gina Zappia, Emma Shrank, Michael Shrank, Grant Drewyor, Brynn Drewyor, Miles Carlson, Jacob Carlson, Connor Austin, Nick Fagan, Anna Fagan, Samuel Johnson, Dominic Filippi, Mia Hoffman, Andrew Sonstein, Alexis Buehler, Nick Buehler

Dragon E's Black Belt Academy

Westerville, Ohio