Lao Volunteer Association

Description of Performing Group*: The group will be performing traditional Lao folk dances. The first tradictional dance is the music and dance of the Lao National Flower (Dok Champa), the second dance is also another flower dance (Dok Boua Thong), the third dance is a dance with light up (fake) candles and the fourth dance is another flower dance.

Names of Performers*:

Athena Theuamthalaray

Alexa Theuamthalaray

Annabella Theuamthalaray

Mahogany Senethavisouk

William Theuamthalaray

Guosong Makhamphiou

Kallista Douangsy

Sidney Phrakornkham

Nancy Snow


L. Kiki Theuamthalaray

Phetsamone Makhamphiou