Aharen Honryu Keisen Wa No Kai Okinawan Dance (workshop)

Dance performers: Grand Master Kazuko Chibana Volkmar and students Alana Gibson, Marta Robertson, Lisa Smith, and Miyoko Smith. Sanshin musicians: Yoshiko Erwin, Shino Lisbon, Yoko Snodgrass, and Eiko Taylor

This interactive workshop provides an explanation and demonstration of Okinawa and its culture, focusing on traditional Okinawan dance, costumes, and music. We will demonstrate a range of dance styles, from classic court dances to more lively folk dances. We will introduce the rich and unique historical and cultural heritage of what is now the southernmost prefecture of Japan, including a demonstration of the Okinawan sanshin, a popular three-stringed instrument. There also will be an opportunity for the audience to participate in the dancing themselves.