Columbus Ohio Kyudo

Our group is Ohio Kyudo.

We are formed out of the Indiana Kyudo Federation, which is part of the American Kyudo Federation and the International Kyudo Federation.

We practice Kyudo according to the All Nippon Kyudo Federation (ANKF).

Kyudo, as practiced by the ANKF, is the same no matter what country, state, or group you are from

This leads to being able to come together from many different places and all perform as a single group. This is part of the beauty of Kyudo.

Kyudo is Japanese for "the way of the bow." While western archery focuses on hitting the physical target, in Kyudo the target is seen as secondary.

The real purpose is the study and perfection of a singular set of precise forms and movements combined with a sincere and humble spirit to produce something of real beauty.

Once this is achieved, the arrow hits the target, as a matter of fact.

Kyudo encompasses self-discipline, patience, art, beauty, perseverance.

While often practiced/performed in a choreographed group, these values form each individual's study.

Thus the student benefits from a well-rounded cultivation of their character.

Kyudo is a rich and enjoyable art. We teach, as volunteers, simply to spread the practice of Kyudo.

We have members both in college and in retirement, so while people should be at least high-school age, this is something that anyone can study whenever and as long as they want.

Our Sensei is Takako Matsui Swain, who started the Indiana Kyudo Federation with her husband over twenty years ago.

Two of our members are 5-degree black belts (go-dan) who live here in Columbus and are ready to share and expand Kyudo with a new group right here in Grove City.