Warda Rihab Troupe

Traditional Bangladeshi Dance:

Bangladeshi dance team is leading by Warda Rihab a nationally awarded and two times gold medals recipient from India

Wada Rihab and her team will present Bangladeshi Traditional Dance. The presentation will be blend of ?Manipuri ?Style, Contemporary Style and Traditional Folk Style of Bangladeshi dance. The form of dance style is known as

Than Ta (Manipuri Martial Art) ? Pung? (Mridanga/ Drum),Folk and Tagore Dance( Expression and gestures are combined with meaning of the song).

Warda Rihab is also the founder and director of Dhriti Nartanalaya an leading

Organization promoting the classical and contemporary cultural of Bangladesh.

Names of the Performers:

1.Warda Rihab

2.Farah Sarwar

3.Mahmuda Khatun

4.Trina Majumdar

5.Basneen Haseen

6.Babrul Alam Chowdhury

7.Nilmoni Singha

8.Hannan Shah

9.Adity Choudhury

10.Anika Mahmood

11. Athena Sumaira Ashraf