--Pergola workshop-- Master Chen Bing of Chenjiagou

Master Chen Bing is one of the best, world-class Taiji Masters.

Chen family style Taiji is said to be the root of all Taiji styles currently practiced around the world. Master Chen Bing, head trainer of Chen Bing Taiji Academy, is a 20th generation descendant of the Chen family that founded the Chen style of taijiquan.

Under the tutelage of his famous uncles, Grandmasters Chen Xiaowang and Chen Xiaoxing, he has mastered all the taiji forms and the various weapons of the family tradition.

Master Chen Bing has conducted workshops in Korea, Japan, U.S. and Italy and also achieved great success in tournaments with superb technique and integrity. His contributions have earned him National (in China) as well as international recognition and awards.

He has appeared in many publications including the Inside Kung-Fu and Tai-Chi magazines. He repeatedly won first prizes at the well-known Chinese National and International ?Taijiquan? competitions.

For information on classes in Columbus, near the time of the Asian Festival, contact Chilin Yu 513-265-7784.