--Pergola workshop-- Oyama Juku: Kenkato

At Oyama Juku, our goals are to assist in the development of mental and physical strength and to develop positive, contributing members to society.

The biggest joy is seeing a student's progression, physically, mentally, and morally in our teachings and that is why I teach.

Oyama Juku Dojo was founded in 1996 and is the HQ of US World Karate-Kenka Alliance ? Japanese mma.

In 1996, Benalio Padron began testing a new concept, to take street-fighting karate and bring it to a sports format.

In 2006, after years of theory and practice, Kenka or Kenkato was founded - a system that would allow a martial artist to fully explore their fighting skills completely and competitively in a controlled atmosphere.

Primarily Kyokushin Karate fused with attributes of Judo, Kickboxing, Boxing, and Wrestling, Kenkato is a form of Japanese mma or mma Karate.

The Japanese mma concept was first introduced by Tadashi Azuma in 1981. Classes are conducted in a traditional setting with traditional etiquette observed.

No kata are taught. During training & competition, students wear a karate/judo type uniform.

Training consists of calisthenics, kick & punch drills, break-falls, throws & takedowns. Promotion of rank is achieved by a showing of achieved skill & kumite or competition.

Competitors wear Kudo Helmets and and protective gear. Chest protectors are added for women and child competitors.

A match consists of 2-3 rounds and 1 tie breaker.

Our student base is multi-diversified and multi-demographic.

It includes men, women, and children, with programs for ages 4 and above.

Kenkato is offered to Men, Women, and Teens, with a children's class is for ages 7 ?12.

People join our dojo because of the realistic & practical approach to martial arts training.

By training full contact, confidence, respect, and courtesy are developed naturally.

Students of Oyama Juku understand and live by one phrase:



Classes are taught by

Benalio Padron - 6th Dan black belt; Head Coach of USWKA; former member & Head Coach of Ohio Kudo International Federation-Japanese mma

along with Assistant Coach Armondo Washington - 3rd Dan black belt

Padron has 40 years of martial arts experience. He holds the rank of 6th degree in kyokushin karate & kenka, 2nd degree Shotokan in karate, and 4th kyu in Judo.