--Pergola workshop-- Tony Brown's Kung Fu School

Tony Brown's Kung Fu School teaches traditional Southern Chinese Lion Dance and Southern Hung-Gar Kung-Fu.

Hung-Gar is one of the original martial arts of the Fukien Shaolin Temple.

Hung Gar is generally categorized "External, Southern Fist", however it does have "internal" forms/training techniques.

Southern Fist is also typically either long range, (like Choy Lay Fut) or short range, (like Wing Chun, Pak Mei, etc), but Hung-Gar stands out for having both, and for and the use of breathing and harnessing/expressing energy techniques.

This is a fairly rare and incredibly old traditional martial art form that can be traced through many hard times and benchmarks in China's history. It teaches respect for the Chinese culture, self-awareness, promotes physical and mental health, and humility.

Sifu Tony Brown trained in Norway, Aswella, China, Taiwan and more.

He has 40 years experience teaching Kung Fu and Tai Chi.

Sifu Brown is an advisor for the Chinese Taiwan Martial Arts Association, and is Chairman of Norway Ling Nan, Kuoshu, and Tai Chi Chuan Associations.

TBKFS established it's first "Hung Kuen Mo Kwoon" 1971 in Florida, TBKFS/Columbus started in January 1990 with a location in Powell, OH. We also have clubs in Scandinavia since 1985.

Students at TBKFS develop increased dexterity, balance, focus, and strength. Their training conditions the body (fingertips, arms, shins, abs), creates respect to others as brothers and respect to family, as well as self discipline to control your own body.

Training in Hung-Gar emphasizes strong stancework, forearms and shins, powerful legs and punches, balance, coordination, focus, fluidity, and circulation. It lubricates joints and helps maintain flexibility.

Hung-Gar trains low stancework to develop a root, and linking the stancework all the way through the legs, hips, waist, shoulders, elbows, wrist, and fingers.

TBKFS is currently accepting new kung fu students between the ages of 10-18 and from 35-50. They are accepting tai chi students from age 15 and up.