AACS Cambodian HAY Kids

Asian Americans have been long labeled by mainstream American society as the ?model minority? who have achieved greater socioeconomic success than any other minority group in the United States. However, Asian Americans are an incredibly diverse population, and the accomplishments of those visible to the mainstream have masked the struggles of particular groups within the community. Certain Asian ethnicities face poverty rates over two times that of the national average, low educational levels, and many other realities that are not reflected in the "model minority" myth.

These issues in the Asian community are rooted in cultural, educational, and language barriers. AACS seeks to raise awareness of these challenges in mainstream society and to create a better quality life for all API persons in Central Ohio regardless of citizenship status, cultural or ethnic background, socioeconomic level, or any other factor. To achieve these goals, we offer services in four major areas: Youth & Family, Health Care & Prevention, Community Education, and Interpreting & Translation.