I Dance ( OCCS Adult Dancing Team )

OCCS, Ohio Contemporaty Chinese School: Is a non-profit entity organization that strengthern cultural and educational exchange and forster mutual understanding btween the United State and China. I Dance is a dancing team composed with OCCS students?s parents who love dance. Linlin Qi, the team leader, and some of the team members used to dance in Waterlily. They have been trained in Chinese folk dance for nearly ten years and have been performing in Asian Festival for more than 5 years. Yongge Chen, the master choreographer of I Dance, is well-know ballet teacher in Central Ohio and he has been teaching Ballet, Chinese folk dance and adult exercise classes at Ohio Contemporary Chinese School for nearly 20 years. Mr. Chen was a former ballet mater of Liano Ning Ballet Company in China. He has coached many students who have gone on to win prizes from major ballet competitions in Japan and China.