Saaz ( Sufi Song-Pakistan)

The Pakistani music group SAAZ is based in Chicago, and has been performing passionately for the last fifteen years. The three main group members: Shazia, Adeel, and Zain have past experience in the performing arts. Adeel is a singer, producer, and songwriter. Shazia has learned classical music from Ustad Buland Iqbal and Nayara Noor. Zain as a singer enjoys Sufi music and plays electric percussion which incorporates the tabla as well. SAAZ has performed for many different occasions, and sings from different genres such as Sufi, Classic Pakistani Folk, Ghazals and popular music. Dhamal is a term closely associated with certain well known Sufi songs. SAAZ performs these numbers in its own unique style that continues to be greatly acknowledged by the audience and leads to their inadvertent participation.