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Nriti Nritya

Sonia Chakraborty Bose is a performing artist of one of the ancient forms of Indian classical dance which is known as Bharatanatyam. Apart from performing for audience, Sonia also dedicates herself for teaching Bharatanatyam to young students who will carry forward the tradition of the richness of Indian classical dance and music. Sonia has partnered with many eminent and eager artists across the state of Ohio who share the same burning enthusiasm and passion towards Indian Classical Dance to revive and up bring the richness of Bharatanatyam that derives its purity from its origination at the ancient Hindu temples. Sonia has been rigorously practicing, performing and coaching Bharatanatyam for many years. Till the very day, by means of electronic media, she takes lessons from her current Guru, Sri Ramkrishna Chattopadhyay with utter diligence as she believes that just like academics, dance is also an endless process of learning and devotion. Indeed, the world is a small place that binds people with similar passion, penchant and prudence, given an exposure or a platform to be at. Sonia who is also an engineering student at the Ohio State University found the same surge of indomitable affinity towards dance in Swagata, a PhD student at the same university. Swagata & Sonia spent a sizable portion of their lives at the same city in India, but its only until they met at the OSU campus, that they discovered the common bond they share in the form of passion towards Indian classical dance. Swagata always finds some time out of her stupendous doctoral studies to devote for dance practice and performances at various cultural programs. Swagata and Sonia will be presenting Pushpanjali & Shabdam to hail the omniscience of Lord Krishna with a prayer in mind that the blessings and kindness of the Supreme Lord be always with us; all of us.