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Hefei Artists Group

Ms. Yan Xiao, Pipa Player, has won the top art award of the Chinese government. Held XiaoYan Pipa Solo Concert with individual album. Performed in US, Japan and Korea.

Ms. Qi Liu, Deputy Head of Musician and Dance Troupe of Hefei Performing Corp.

Mr. Hua Li, A Sheng (a reed pipe wind instrument) player in Hefei Performing Corp., deputy secretary-general of Anhui Provincial Suona Horn Academy.

Mr. Jinnan Zhu, A dance actor in Hefei Performing Corp., also a national prestigious dance actor.

Ms. Jiaqi Chen, a member in the Chinese Dancers? Association. National Grade three actress.

Ms. Lijun Zhou, a prestigious, high ranked dancer in Hefei Performing Corp.

Ms. Jie Huang, a flute player in Hefei Performing Corp. and a member of China Nationalities Orchestra Society. She has two publications in teaching how to play cucurbit.