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Wuhan Acrobatic Troupe

Magic: With a pair of magic hands, he displays incredible skills in playing cards. The most changeful performance is fashionable, smooth and clean that he is winning great acclaim.

Performer: Songtao Wu in 10 minutes. Face Changing: It is a dramatic Stunt, also a romantic approach to reveal panic, despair, anger and other inner feelings of character.

Performer: Songtao Wu in 4 minutes. Building a pagoda of bowls: One actress builds a pagoda of bowls on her head or foot and the other one supports her. They corporate with each other to make various kinds of poses with extremely difficult skills.

Performer: 14 year old Miss Lingzhi Mi and partner Yanbao Lyu in 5 minutes. Single-handstand acrobatic show: One hand to support the body upside down and constantly makes all kinds of difficult movements and keeps balance with melodious music.

Performer: Miss Lingzhi Mi in 4 minutes.