Columbus Waterlily Oriental Dance Group (China)

Names of Performers*:

Qing Gu, Jingyun Zhang, Xiaoqing Yang, Fang Yao, Ana Teo, Ying Zhang, Yanling Yin, Xiaoyan Zhang

Performance Description: "Flowers in the Rain" is a traditional Chinese folk dance. Dancers use traditional Chinese fans to depict the beautiful, flowy flowers after the spring rain.

Group Description: Columbus Waterlily Oriental Dance Group is formed by a group of Chinese ladies who are passionate about Chinese folk dancing. The group is proud of its heritage of Chinese culture, and enthusiastically promotes cultural exchange among the different ethnic groups in our community. The group aims at raising awareness and appreciation of the elegance and vibrancy in Chinese folk dance, which finds its origin in the rich history of the 56 ethnic groups of China.