Governance and Board Operations

AFC Board 2024

The Asian Festival Corporation Board of Directors consists of eleven members who represent communities and corporations from all over Central Ohio. Board members take on responsibility for strategic planning and long-term sustainability of the festival. The board works closely with organizational committees that carry out the work of the festival and other community projects in keeping the mission and vision of the Asian Festival Corporation consistent. Dr. Cora Munoz is the President of the Asian Festival Corporation.

In addition to its board, the Asian Festival is fortunate to have a group of over 50 volunteers, including several community leaders, who put in the hours of work required to stage an event of this scale. They represent various Asian ethnic organizations from the greater

central Ohio region. The production of the entire festival is based solely on the efforts of volunteers, who spend countless hours working with each other and with the broader community to gather ideas, feedback, and resources. We are grateful and proud to have

this tremendous volunteer participation. This allows production costs to be kept low, which is impressive for such a successful and well-attended event. The economic impact of the Asian Festival, with growing attendance from all over Ohio, has been very positive for many businesses and communities in the area.

The Asian Festival Corporation organizational chart can be found at


Greetings from the AFC Board

We will showcase our Asian cultural heritage and share our cultural traditions to strengthen the bonds of community in Central Ohio. This special event is an experience to enhance understanding, respect, and appreciation of the richness of the Asian culture through all the activities of the Asian Festival.

The AFC board has initiated plans to ensure the sustainability of the organization and revisit our mission and goals, strengthen our leadership, and commit to have enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers. We are always grateful for the continued support of our sponsors and donors who work together in our aligned mission for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable summer!

Cora Munoz PhD, R.N.
Asian Festival Corporation

Yung-Chen Lu PhD
Founder & Fundraiser
Asian Festival Corporation