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The Asian Festival is one of the most special events in Central Ohio. Due to Covid-19 and health concerns related to the nature of a large in-person festival, we will hold the Asian Festival virtually. Streaming will start Saturday, May 28th, at 11 am and will continue on Sunday, May 29th, at 11 am. Many thanks to our sponsors and the central Ohio community for their continued support!

Asian Festival

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Asian Festival


Asian Festival

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The Virtual Asian
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This annual event with more than 100,000 visitors will continue to grow, thanks to the strong participation of many people regardless of origin and ethnicity. Because of its tremendous success, the Festival has received strong support from state, city, corporate, and communities every year since 1995.

Want to rewatch the event from Saturday? Check out our YouTube channel.

Asian Festival


Asian Festival promotes the importance of cultural diversity in building a vibrant, prosperous, and healthy community.

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Statement of Values

Showcasing our cultural heritage.

Advocating the importance of lifelong learning and education.

Providing a fun and entertaining experience. Nurturing community collaboration and strong relationships.

Fostering a healthy lifestyle and quality of life Serving with integrity.

Serving with integrity.

Asian Festival

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Support of our non-profit partners and corporate sponsors is vital to our success.

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